Oxygen is Essential to Our Organism

Oxygen gives life to every cell in our body. It is  directly responsible for transforming food into energy through a process called oxidation. In addition to this, it also plays an essential role in optimal cell function and the prevention of disease.

The use of oxygen on skin can be traced to its use on medical treatment: pressurized oxygen is used in hospital to hasten the healing process of burns due to the wound healing properties of oxygen. It kick-starts the body's repair processes – diminishing inflammation, stimulating synthesis of collagen and anti-bacterial properties which could boost the healing process of damaged skin.

Skin Oxygen Levels Start Declining After Age 25

From a cosmetic perspective, oxygen levels in the skin start declining after age 25. In other words, low oxygen levels translate to older skin.

By the time we hit age 40, about 50% of our skin has lost the ability to absorb and retain oxygen. When the cells in our bodies suffer from oxygen deprivation, it can result in blood vessel constriction and the impairment of the skin's ability to function.

Benefits of Oxygen Therapy :

  • Acts as a delivery system that improves the skin's ability to absorb vitamins, minerals, nutrients, and skincare solutions;
  • Increases the strength of elastin and collagen fibre in the skin;
  • Regulates blood flow and increases the number of blood cells;
  • Normalizes the skin's metabolic rate;
  • Restores elasticity;
  • Accelerates cell growth and recovery after more aggressive treatments;
  • Increases cell metabolism;
  • Gives the skin a glowing, youthful appearance;
  • Decreases cellular stress and elevates cellular energy;
  • Reduces redness and inflammation.

Restoring Unhealthy Skin with Oxygen :

Oxygen has a unique effect on the skin because it opens our pores, increasing their absorption power. After being exposed to oxygen, the skin starts breathing again and all treatments applied thereafter produce even better results. In other words, this gas is an essential part of rejuvenating your appearance and eliminating unattractive imperfections.

Oxygen supply into the skin may prevent skin hypoxia and prevent melanocytes overactive in the production of melanin, which may prevent the formation of age spots. Including oxygen in the formula of topical skin care can also aid in the absorption of the other ingredients, helping them to reach the deeper layers of the skin more effectively.


The goal of FootxyGen® Foot skin therapy is to oxygenate the foot skin and promote hydration, detoxification skin and nail regeneration, and blood circulation. Soaking the foot skin and toenail in an occlusive pouch with supersaturated, oxygen-infused solution from in-situ fresh oxygen molecule and nutrients can promote overall foot skin health.

On the uppermost layer of skin, the microbubbles with the self-warming effect, create a silky, effervescent sensation that promotes relaxation and stress relief.

On a deeper level the microbubbles penetrate into foot skin pores, oxygenating every nook and cranny of the foot , toenails, nail bed. Oxygen is a natural cleanser and the microbubbles are negatively charged. So they become attracted to impurities like  anaerobic pathogens, foot bacteria and other contaminants that are positively charged. The result is a higher level of detoxification and hydration than non-oxygenated water.

Water is an effective vehicle for transporting dissolved O2 across the skin surface and could be used “to improve skin oxygen tension to support skin health and function.” Skin oxygen tension is an indirect measure of blood flow to the skin. So by oxygenating the skin to promote blood flow, it may help to support overall foot skin health and function.